You can make many precious friends in KOMURU.

You can learn Japanese culture and language from KOMURU.

Of course, you have met many good friends in your school or workplace. It is, however, quite difficult to make more friends elsewhere, generally speaking.
In Osaka and Kyoto International Club KOMURU, we have weekly events and many other events like sports, BBQ, one-day trips, camping trips, and so on. You can make many good, good friends through the activities. Of course, you will also meet other overseas people as well.
Almost all event is free of charge for international people. Your participation will be greatly appreciated as a volunteer English speaker, since all the Japanese participants would like to learn English and about your culture.When we have a sports event, we usually separate the cost and it is about 300 to 500 yen per person at most.

Why can you make such good friends in KOMURU?

People who are really interested in learning English and foreign culture gather in KOMURU.
Language meeting
They are selected through a review of their application form and an interview. So, the atmosphere of KOMURU is very good! You can easily make many good friends in this friendly atmosphere.

The topics of the language exchange event is already prepared. So it is easy to communicate even you don’t know about the opponent so much.

Our events are another great way to make new friends. The language meetings are held a location accessible by mass transit.

You can experience what you can’t do by yourself in KOMURU events. Our Kyoto branch’s members also join in these events! So, you can meet people you wouldn’t normally meet at KOMURU’s meetings.
The language exchange event is held in a conference room near Imadegawa, the center of Kyoto city and near Osaka station. It is located in a convenient place acceble from all around Kyoto and Osaka. Since the annual schedule is determined in advance, you can easily plan for them. The meeting starts from 20:00. You can join in it after school or after your job.